Custom Blogsites

Where’s the love? Webology offers custom blog design for personal and business blogs hosted through Blogger and WordPress. Custom blog designs attract readers to your blog and are the perfect way to showcase your business and your goods or services.

Many small business owners (who run their own business) simply do not have the time to customize their blog sites, yet that blog very often outranks actual visitors to their website. The idea of updating their blog is something that comes closer to whimsical fantasy then reality. They would dearly love to have their blog site look modern clean and configured but one week’s worth of configuring their website is one week lost for their business.

Enter Webology and feel the Love.

As the majority of our websites are configured through website/blog platforms like WordPress or Drupal and as such, we have deep experience in optimizing the design elements of blogs. We customize many blogs so they look and behave more like websites whilst others; that are plain blogs, we enhance with social network plugins, video and customized backgrounds, banners and headers to polish your site and enhance the audience experience

So if you have a blog and it needs some love, contact Webology and we’ll give your blog all the love it needs.


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