Don’t get lost. Get found.

What happens when you type your businesses name into Google, Yahoo, or any other Search Engine? Are you in the first page of listings? The second or even third page? Are you on the Internet at all? Can customers even find you online?

Face it, the Internet has taken over the way people search for goods and services. Yellow pages are like an old telephone booth. How many people do you actually see using a telephone booth nowadays? Practically none because they barely exist anymore.

The same thing is happening to the yellow pages. People – or more specifically your customers –  are searching with google and browsing with laptops and smartphones.

Your business needs to be connected to these customers.

In this day and age you must have an online presence and WEB250 connects you by combining three crucial elements; your website, social networks and Search Engine Optimization, into one easy-to-use solution.

The WEB250 solution creates an online presence for businesses that the businesses themselves can control.  Not a webmaster. Not a marketing agency. Not a Search Engine Optimization company. The business itself controls its own online presence.

Every business, big or small, needs to manage their online presence, including yours. Your business needs to be connected to your customers and WEB250 connects you by combining three crucial elements – your website, social networks and Search Engine Optimization –  into one easy-to-use, self managed  solution.

As a small business owner, you may think that you are not “computer savvy” enough to control your own online presence. But you know you need to control how your business looks to millions of people online. You might also think that it will cost thousands of dollars a year to control and market your online image…well it doesn’t. Website, social media, search engine optimization, who has time to manage that? You Do. Or your secretary. Or any of your employees.

With WEB250 it’s so simple, so easy to use, that it takes just minutes a day to control your online presence If you can write a paragraph describing your business, or take a picture of your product with your smartphone, then you can now manage your own online presence with the WEB250 solution.

WEB250. Quick. Easy. Affordable.


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