SEO results for WEB250 Client Electro-tech Steel. #1 Google Rankings achieved for just $500

Electro-Tech Steel, Indiana

Electro-Tech Steel is an Indiana steel company that specializes in Centerless Grinding Automation. We’re web guys so we’re not too sure what that means but from what we understand there’s a lot of very large steep pipes, a lot of smoke and some very noisy machines grinding away though the night.

What we are sure of is that Electro-tech Steel does what they do, very, very well.

What they hadn’t done though, was to establish any kind of online presence. If you Googled Electro-tech Steel they came up somewhere in the 5th page (around number 75 in the rankings). The search “electrotech” and “electro-tech” showed a crowded space, with several dozen companies with the same or similar names, all jostling for position on the coveted first page of the Google search results.

As good as they were in their industry, the steelheads at Electro-Tech understood very little about establishing online presence and they knew it.

Electrotech Steel Website Screenshot

So, they contacted WEB250.

They wanted a website, and they wanted some online presence. They wanted to be #1 not #75 and that’s what we gave them.

We created a very simple, yet dynamic, website with their social networks inter-connected. We optimized the site and got their physical location recognized and validated by Google (in writing no less).

Now, the results are in. For the last 10 weeks the Google rankings for Electro-Tech steel have been through the roof. When you search “Electrotech” (a misspelt but commonly used search keyword) they now regularly show up as #1. When you search “Electro-Tech Steel” (different spelling) they show up #2 and #3.

The WEB250 Solution is a powerful tool for small businesses to help them establish and manage a strong online presence.

With WEB250 we integrate the power of Social Media and SEO intelligence into our clients websites. This integration helps drive traffic and rankings.We create clean, sharp looking websites that are configured to display properly on all mobile devices. We put all of this into one powerful solution and deliver it to our clients.

Electro-Tech took advantage of the WEB250 solution and they are now enjoying spectacular results as the Google search screenshot image above shows.

And the cost to Electro-tech? $500. The cost to you? $500.

That’s why we’re called WEB250. It’s $250 down to get started and $250 when your Solution is delivered. $500 for a complete online solution.

So contact us if you want a powerful online solution for your business.

Website, Social Media and SEO, for $500 with WEB250. We’ll put some (excuse the pun) “steel” into your online presence…


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