Donating a $10,000 Website to Charity

It’s that time of year when goodwill is running high and you just feel…well charitable. How could you not with the lights and the tree’s and the tinsel and the ho, ho, ho’s everywhere?

So in the spirit of the season, Webology  playing Santa and donating a $10,000 website to charity.

This website will be a fully optimized, completely customized site with all the SEO bells and whistles to help drive traffic, custom design elements including customized QR codes, Facebook banner ad’s customized email signatures and all the social media integration it can handle.

The charity can use the donation to create a new website for their own charity or they can sell it, auction it or just put it under the tree and see what happens…

However, there’s a slight problem…  we don’t know who to donate this website too! When we went looking we discovered there are literally thousands of deserving charities out there. All of them needing donations. All of them deserving…

So we’re reaching out to our connections, friends and followers and asking them. ‘Which charity do you think we should choose to donate this $10,000 website to?”

All feedback is welcome and we’d really appreciate your input.

The Webology Staff


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